Dress Me For London, Please?

Publish date:
June 23, 2012

Ok, I truly dislike shopping. I would choose a trip to the dentist over one to a clothing store any day. Well, that's not a fair comparison, 'cause I LOVE going to the dentist. Ah, someone taking care of me! Ah, all I have to do is lie here in this seemingly ergonomic chair and withstand pain?

I'm so good at withstanding pain, I once kept running on a broken leg and thought childbirth was not at all as intense as I'd expected. I feel like a high-pain-threshold champion. I totally believed James Frey's account of getting a root canal with no anesthesia, because, hey, I think I could do that.

So back to shopping. Ugh.

I will shop online. I will go into stores with my daughter to shop for her when it seems important to do so, but I don't enjoy that either. I really don't enjoy trying things on or perusing. I try to keep any shopping trip as quick as possible. I hear that the majority of people enjoy the shopping experience -- is that true? I don't get it.

So here I am in my office (yes, on a Saturday -- I am looking for the folder that holds all of my travel stuff for London, which I have somehow misplaced and hope it is here) the day before I leave and still don't know what I'm wearing over there to our big xoJane.co.uk launch par-tay. Here is a picture of a long skirt that they will blessedly lend to me and I'd love to know what you think.

BTW: I instinctively turned over this sex book on my desk when an Editor Candidate(!!!) came in yesterday. But I left it out when my daughter was here the other day because I don't like to seem to be hiding things. Huh? (Btw, do you find it age-inappropriate that I told my 9-and-a half year old what vibrators are actually for?)

BTW2: I just got a Press Release about a master packer who says to only bring two pairs of shoes per person. I've already thrown five pairs into the suitcase on my floor at home for this 5-day trip, because I don't know what I'm going to wear and I am far from a master packer.

Anyway, what do you think of this skirt for the launch party and what would you wear on top with it?

I hope you are having a LOVELY weekend, my friend, my friend.