Beyond Macaroons (Plus: What Writerly Conventions Most Bug You?)

Publish date:
July 11, 2012

Don't get me wrong, macaroons are always a welcome treat/bribe here at xoJane HQ. (Gluten-free ones if you are sucking up to Corynne in particular. Macaroons made exclusively out of raw kale if you want something from Julie.)

The best little surprise gift I've gotten in a while is this dress, which our sweet Rachel McPadden passed along to Emily with some other dresses (or frocks, if you are doing that magazine-writerly convention of not using the same word twice -- which is also when gaggy words like pout, mane, tome and tresses pop up -- I personally prefer massive amounts of repetition to those -- you? And what writerly conventions bother you? Looooong parentheticals with lots of em-dashes and additional sentences in them, perhaps? Truly, I have a whole list and would love to see where we overlap.).

Then Emily re-gifted this one to me. Yippee! I love it and thank you, Rachel and Emily. If there's anything I like better than a hand-me-down from someone I love, it's a double hand-me-down from two lovelies I love.