Doesn't Everyone Eat At Night And Forget?

Publish date:
January 25, 2012
food, Jane, Bryan

We are having a little in-office disagreement (over this platter of leftover breakfast stuff that Bryan and I are NOT eating because we are RAW right now) that I'd love for you to settle. I understand that there is an actual syndrome (NES) and I know there is a bigger article in here (who wants to write the IHTM?) in relation to this and I have heard people talk about more serious stuff like fires in their ovens from the hams they were cooking, unconciously, at 3 am.

But here's this question: Doesn't everyone sometimes wake up in the morning and have to piece together what they ate before falling asleep? It happened to me last night with the cookie-batter bowl I apparently licked clean. It happened that time with the cheese. It happens and I always thought it happened to everyone at least once. Some of these folks are laughing at me and saying I was in an Ambien haze (didn't take it last night) or that it's stoners that do this (as you know, I really want to become a pot-head and am still working on doing that and TRULY appreciate all of your gracious offers of assistance in that area, but no, hasn't happened yet).

Doesn't everyone? Do you?