Does THIS Make You Want To Join Our Staff Meeting?

Publish date:
September 18, 2013

I'm running around like some crazy little freak today, busy busy busybusy. No caffeine even fueling it. How are you?

We have a staff meeting coming up in under an hour and would love, asalways, for you to join it. (And if that's the last way you'd want tospend part of your afternoon today, I love to hear about that too.)

I was going to show you my long list of fun topics we are going tocover in the meeting today, including renaming some xoJane and xoVainfeatures and some funny celebrity stuff that's coming up. But my listslooked boring as an invitation to this fun event, so Emily offered upthis shot of her cleavage and xo necklace instead (and note how muchediting I need to do on my camera roll -- Lordy).

Oh, also at the meeting will be our new xoJaner -- the one I waswriting about yesterday but who won't be announced until tomorrow. Soif you are just living to know who it is before anyone else, thatwould be another reason to join us or just listen in.

So tell me below that you are free to join us at 2 ET and how yourbreasts are looking today (mine are in a bra that makes them lookbigger but lower on my chest, so I'm keeping a pullover on for thatreason -- not that you asked).

Hello and talk to you soon!