Do you think I have pimples because my daughter licks my face

Publish date:
January 23, 2012

like a dog? I love it when she does that and am not a big face-washer so certainly don't wash post-that. Anyway, I am on my way to the Sirius XM studios to talk with you about things as silly as this and as serious as depression and loss. Please call me there between 11-1 pm ET at 1-888-410-2102 and I will help you out with issues you are having with your body, your work, your sex life or lack of one. Or we can just reminisce about Sassy or Jane magazines or WHATEVER. My favorite thing is to talk to you. That and sex and yoga and playing with my kid, but talking to you is a close fourth. So CALL for any reason at all. It's free, so what the hell!!