Do You Remember Being 11?

And what advice would you give another 11-year-old girl?
Publish date:
December 4, 2013

I won't even say, are you 11 now, because I hope that the only 11-year-old who reads this site is my own poorly parented one (kidding -- and she gets the joke, so don't you worry about us -- signed, still the very Worst Mom In The World).Anyway, the one and only My Daughter Charlotte is 11 today, which feels important to me for a few reasons:I remember distinctly LOVING being 11. I have a beautiful image in my mind of running around holding hands with my friend Marilee at her house in North Carolina with the muddy dirt road. And how safe and giddy I felt whenever holding hands with a solid girlfriend at that age. How much we girls supported and bolstered each other.I also think of a story we ran in Sassy (it was uncharacteristic of me to cover a study of young women -- by a Harvard professor, in this case -- rather than just having women tell their own stories, which is what I like, which is evidenced here daily on xoJane, blah blah blah). The article was based on the study showing that girls' confidence peaks at age 11 and then falls off precipitously after that -- or something like that.I also recall being about Charlotte's age, hanging out in my mom's painting studio and having her tell me that I could do anything I wanted to in life, using specifics to back up her argument, and how I believed her. Specifics are important, I think.What do you remember about being 11, if anything at all? And what advice do you have for me and Charlotte at this important age??We love you! Okay, I thought that sounded good as an ending, but I won't speak for her (and don't generally feel the royal we works that well for families and couples, so try -- and often fail -- to avoid it). But I love you!

PS I just remembered that we have a staff meeting in a half hour here at xoJane HQ, so if you want to talk to all of us about anything at all -- or just listen to us being, as usual, too honest -- let us know that below too and we will give one or more of you the call-in number. The best advice-giver will def get an invitation. xo