Do You Like My Outfit?

Publish date:
December 22, 2011

My daughter dressed me, including the mood ring on one hand and the "fancy" ring on the other. It's all a mix of beige, navy and black, stuff she found in my closet. But of course we all know you probably can't really see much of the outfit in this photo and that's not the reason I am showing this to you. It is to show off about my fabulous surroundings and the three-part evening I have coming up with friend after old friend. I'm very psyched. Hope to see you at at least one of the stops -- I really do. Last, even Charlotte said as I was leaving just now and she was going to bed with lovely sitter nearby: "It is good you are getting out," because it hasn't been that common in the 9 years since she was born, as I'm sure many of you parents can relate. Xo