Do You Drink And Comment?

Publish date:
September 10, 2013

Madeline and I have noticed a little trend in your comments lately:More Drunkenness!

Have you done this? Are you doing it RIGHT NOW? Either way, what'syour beverage of choice for keeping in your non-typing hand while onthis site in particular? And what regretful things have you written inany altered state?

We will tell you if you tell us (I'm just volunteering for the rest ofthe staff here -- no one else agreed to do this, but THEY WILL).

Though this bottle is an unopened one that's been sitting on the deskoutside my office for at least a year, I have commented in the pastafter taking Ambien at night (I'm cutting back on it after our lastAmbien-blackout article and all your comments around the yucky drug,but it sure does help me stay asleep) and amazingly still believedwhat I had written the next day.

Right now I'm writing this on a mixture of sleep deprivation and Chaitea. Ok, what are you taking? Stories, please.