Do you like??

Publish date:
April 4, 2012

Thanks for your help in picking my new bag and saying good-bye to Hello Kitty, which served me so well for so long. So, what do you think? I am fighting little Miss Charlotte for hers, which is exactly the same style but the pattern is slightly better on "hers," which I maturely claim is actually mine. And it is! I saw it first!

She says she will turn it over at Spring Break, in two days. I aim to be in peak physical condition for that battle, 'cause I'm going to WIN.

PS Is it something weird with the twitter app on my phone or has no one actually tweeted me in three days? I know I am not always the most responsive myself, but what's up? Am I dead?

PPS How and what are all my friends, sweeties and lovelies doing today? Do tell me. Xo