Dear dear Steve Jobs,

Publish date:
October 6, 2011

You have done so much for so many of us and still I wanted more. Instead of "Paging Dr. Freud," my little catchphrase, when I wanted something technological that was so logical but didn't yet exist, would be "Calling Steve Jobs". You envisioned so many things before I did that have fundamentally changed my life and my relationships and my work, and there is still more that I want. (Where's that screen we roll or fold up and carry around comfortably in our backpack that gives us our news and comunication with friends, etc, and that we can shop from by pressing harder on the items we are committed to buying, which are then sent directly expressly to us? Among many other things I was hoping you'd develop. Basically, merge that old TV medium into this new interactive shoppable portable one.) I never got to meet you. I sat outside in a car for an hour or so while my coworker met with you two years ago. I didn't even need/want to meet you. I felt I knew you and I sure as hell appreciated you. I had a talent/genius crush on you for years. Having had pancreatitis, I related somewhat to the weight-loss and other things that happened to your body. I also related to how you worked through it all. I, and many others, can't thank you enough for everything you did in your relatively short time here. I look forward to seeing what you do next. Xoxx Jane PS I hope you will understand that I am typing this on my iPhone touchscreen, so expect overall inspiration, not perfection.