Dance Moms Exclusive! (Who Does This??)

Publish date:
April 12, 2013

Who pays $27.37 per ticket to meet, not the star of, but twosupporting characters from the show Dance Moms? Oh yeah, me! ThisSunday! With Charlotte! And getting there early to line up for ourautographs, of course. I will get plenty of video to share with youfellow Bad Moms who religiously watch this show every Tuesday nightand get more upset than your daughter when the damn DVR didn't recordit the week before last.

I had another mom tell me recently that she doesn't allow herdaughters to watch the show and I could hardly grasp the concept.

I can't think of anyone else I would line up to meet like this,seriously. I can't think of anyone famous I would even want to meet ifthey came right to my house and wanted to have sex. You? And doesanyone want to talk about this brilliant show?