All This Can Be Yours! Free

You are cordially invited to attend — and write about — THE plus size convention of all time.
Publish date:
June 15, 2016

So we (meaning the Royal xoJane we) got invited to the second annual Curvy Con this weekend but I'm leaving town, as is Amber, Lesley is already away — basically no one from our little team can cover the event for the site. Which got me thinking about you all and wondering whether any of you have any particular interest in going to what looks to be an amazing celebration of all things plus size, with a lot of amazing women attending. Wanna?

I know it's incredibly short notice, seeing as the event is on Friday and Saturday, but if you're anywhere in the New York area and want to attend and write about it for us, let us know why here in the comments and Dan will hook one of you up. Plus, goes without saying, get your fitty!