You Are So Invited!

Please come and learn our secret to happiness.
Publish date:
January 15, 2014

The highlight of my calendar today will be if you will join us at ourstaff meeting at 2. Yes, I'm giving you a whole hour's notice, notthat helpful to you who have lives. But if you want to tell me belowwhy you are, in fact, available to join us, either in person or on thephone, we would love to have you. And we are FULL of good vibes thesedays and happy to share them with any of you in need. We will alsotell those of you who join us what the secret is behind our goodvibes.

Let me know below so Olivia can give you the info. Xo

PS I don't like the aesthetics of this ios-7-whatever calendar at all and it makes me not want to use it. You?