Colorful Fun Day (For A Workaholic)

Publish date:
January 24, 2013

There is nothing as fun as this.

I would say to guess what we are doing here, but I do that to you alot, so I will just tell you. We are testing backdrops for photoshoots for this to-be-gorgeous new site we are launching March 1. (AndAnnie, here in her enviable vintage skirt that she WILL bequeath tome, is holding one of the cool invitations to Lauren Moffatt's fashionshow that we just got -- yeah, it is all just fabulous here all thetime.)

Two things:

It is so wonderful to get to hire young women and let them run arounddoing fun, silly, exciting but productive things that make them feellike, "I get PAID for this?!?!"

And two (related to the amount of fun I am having in my little officetoday), I have this memory of this moment launching Sassy magazine,sitting around this table in the President of the publishing company'soffice talking about circulation, feeling almost lightheaded withexcitement about how awesome this life was. I have used the memory ofthat feeling ever since as a barometer of whether or not a jobopportunity was right for me. Only this year did I realize that Ithink that moment was my workaholic version of the dragon I amchasing.

Okay, that might not be that interesting or something you can relateto, but I thought it was worth my future thumb arthritis to share itwith you nonetheless. How is your workday, if you're having one? Whatis your primary addiction, if any? I adore you.