Change, Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Publish date:
January 20, 2012

I may be more change-averse than I like to think. When I moved apartments last, the whole walk to school I couldn't feel my legs because I was so thrown by how different every little thing was and how I was going to handle the differences. NOT similarly (but it's a tie-in of sorts): I miss the way things used to look before our IT department updated my iPhone software. I think it was from like 2008 (or so), but I liked the way the texts looked so much better before. "Honey" just doesn't look like "honey" when it's this tech-y. And I don't like that blue. The green was so sweet and warm -- the blue so cold and clinical.

Oh, big life problems, I know. Seeing Courteney soon = good and grounding times a-coming. Lots of consistency there.