Cat, Courtney, Tatum and Tinsley

Publish date:
February 10, 2012

We've been fighting and crying even more than usual here at xojane hq. Is it the moon or what?

So there have been lots of emails and texts and calls and tweets between us all making up and making sure things in the bigger scheme are ok. In the midst of this constant contact last night, one of my email accounts went wonky (it was clearly something I did, but I felt like blaming technology just now) and I missed emails from Courtney, Tatum, Tinsley, Michael and a bunch of xojaners. Don't you hate when that happens?

The ones who aren't my employees I'm not so worried about, as I don't feel the same hyper level of responsibility to be responsive to them. I place more pressure on myself to reply promptly to Lesley than to my mom. Sick? Sad? For example, Cat and I communicated in every which way until I fell asleep and then this morning, I hurried to catch up on the stuff she sent me while I slept.

Why are we fighting and crying so much this week? Are you? What's up? Love you.