Can You Call Us Today Please?

Publish date:
May 1, 2013

Hi Sunshines!!

I'm so proud of my springy outfit today and trying to capture it foryou here, fairly unsuccessfully. It involves this old Prada linen coatand some cute old Agnes B. shoes and fresh old Miu Miu pants. Alsoinvolves my current favorite hairstyle, the after-yoga look (as thehair has to be pulled up to exactly that spot that won't get in theway during your headstand or while lying in lovely savasana. I findpost-yoga hair the most flattering. Post-spin-class hair I find theworst.

Anyway, while I'm being superficial, and while I'm in transit, thoughtI'd relay that I realized this morning that Charlotte is at the age Iwas, 10, when I started doing this funny muscular contraction thingwith my knees whenever I wore shorts to make my legs look "better." Mysister and I also would hold ourselves up on our hands when seated inshorts so our thighs wouldn't spread out. Swings were too challengingto tackle in this way so we didn't do a lot of those anymore. Sad.

Oh, I'm so happy also that you told me NOT to get the Botox theother day as I'm loving my wrinkles today and realizing thatobliterating them is kind of just more of this uncomfortablemanipulation of our bodies thing we do.

Ok, now that I'm way off track, how can I tie this into you callingin to the staff meeting today at 2? Let's see: Tell me below about atime when you did something uncomfortable with your body to make itlook a certain way and ideally how you don't do it anymore. Or justsay Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits as it is the first day of the month.And/or say Happy Birthday to my wonderful assistant Lori, who willgive you the same conference call number she gives Lesley so you cancall us at 2 (NY time). We will love to hear your voice. Phew!