Can I Wear This To A Business Conference?

One at which other attendees have been spotted wearing "clothes." And would you?
Publish date:
October 22, 2012

where the other people are wearing shirts with buttons?

I packed in my usual organized well-in-advance way. So here I am at this Digidayconference where I'm speaking and here is what I have to wear today.Emily is going to kill me, as she just noted last week that I couldstand to put in a little more effort on a day-to-day basis clothes-and hair- and makeup-wise. Sorry, Em! Anyway, can I leave my room in these jean shorts, little Rag and Bone dress and hand-me-down (from Courteney Cox, OF Course) Marni sandals? Or should I go to the gift shop real quick? If so, what should be replaced in this get-up? Please be honest (which keeps getting auto-corrected to "upbeat" -- you can be that too, or not) with me below. And since this is such a critical critical issue that I must get right or the world will implode, I will also tweet a close-up you can see @janepratt. Help! Xo