Can I Set You Up, Please?

I'm a born matchmaker.
Publish date:
July 31, 2014

Can I brag again here about the fact that there are at least three marriages and five or so lovely children that would not exist without my matchmaking skills?

Then Emily just forwarded me this note, reminding me that there are other couples out there I helped get together that I don't even know about. It is my gift to y'all, since I have never had any interest in getting married myself, but love how happy it makes other people (at least initially -- did any of you watch The Bachelorette "After The Final Rose" the other night? And did you squeal so loudly during the previous episode when Andi says to Josh, "You're the one!" that your daughter AND dogs came running into the room?)

Oh, and were you so thrilled when your long-time friend Courteney Cox got engaged recently that you teared up for days after she told you?

Well, point is that I truly appreciate good couples even if I am generally more comfortable being single.

Which reminds me: Do you want to get set up on a Blind Date? Do you? Olivia is reviving our Twitter Blind Date feature and this is what she's looking for: "Cool, interesting people in the NYC area (open to other places)". She is mainly lacking in straight dudes. So help her out and let us help you out if you are one of those people who enjoy relationships and coupling and stuff. Send your info to

(And if you noticed the in Emily's email address, that is because that was the original name of this site, before we retitled it xoJane. The more you know!)