Can I do it??

Publish date:
January 17, 2012

This morning I was greeted in my office by this lovely box of goodies from LaForce and Stevens' clients (THANK YOU!). Among the useful batch of stuff is some Rembrandt teeth whitener. I've never gotten my teeth whitened and don't personally go for that blue-tinged super-white trend of the past number of years. However, it would be fun to have less yellow teeth than I currently own. This is the thing: the process takes two hours, during which you presumably can't talk. I haven't gone that long without talking in years. I even monologue in my sleep. Btw, as you can see, I am NO ONE to judge that talkative dad in the grocery store the other day. I am just no one to judge anyone ever bottom line. ANYWAY, I think I'm sticking with the yellow teeth. How and when do you shut up, if in fact you do. Or do you talk even to yourself, as I do? Big Tuesday xo