Call So We Can Catch Up! Plus Free Life Advice

Publish date:
November 5, 2012

It has been a week. Yours?

Last week at this time it was all about Sandy and my radio show (JaneRadio on Sirius XM) was cancelled. Now Charlotte and Balloon and I areback in our building (more on that in another post) and both xoJane HQand Sirius are business as usual (bummer, as I love business not asusual).

But my phonelines are working now! So would you call me at1-877-4-102-102 between 11 and 1 pm ET today so we can catch up and Ican give you my best help about whatever work or family or sex orstorm-related or political issues you are dealing with? I would loveto hear your voice. Even if you just want to say hi or want the freeDVDs we are giving away, no prob.