Call me if you're not working today

Publish date:
January 16, 2012

Or even if you are: hide under the desk or go into the furthest bathroom stall, like that lovely call I got the other week that went on so long, people wondered and she did some fake extra flushes and exited. If you are in with your kids today on what my friend's kid calls "Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard Day", give them some candy and electronics and then call me (kidding). Truth: I am yours today from 11 am - 1 pm ET toll-free at Jane Radio. 1-888-4-102-102. Don't worry if you're nervous or whatever -- no one will be listening today. Which means we can talk about ANYTHING. And we will. And I love to help you out if you have stuff you are going through and want my advice on. (And why does this phone auto-correct you to "Yoi" every time? Is that significant in some way? Or just my lazy touchscreen typing.) Big xo and call me soon