Cab Driver Wisdom, Part 462: They're clothes

Publish date:
February 9, 2012
video, New York FW Fall 2012, nyfw 2012

What this lovely driver is living for is life!

[Note: I didn't write that. Bryan, in all his goodness, was trying to fix a malfunction here which amounted to no text and wrote that line. So sweet. I am so ridiculously attached to my words and when I'm misquoted, ahem NY Post even though I love you, or when someone writes something with my name on it -- even though my own words may be totally ridiculously meaningless -- it kills (melodramatic) me. Now this is so meta meta narcissistic self-referential insular who-cares? to have a note from myself in a post "from myself." I mean, really. How control-freakish would you be about this? And isn't this cab-driver cute and correct? Do you care about Fashion Week(s)? He also told me that he and his friends make all their own clothes. He spends his money on flowers instead. xo --Jane]