But It Would Be More Fun With You

Publish date:
July 10, 2013

This is the kind of day we're having at xoJane/xoVain HQ. I stopped bythe clubhouse (the workspace of Corynne, Emily and Mandy) here on myway to my office this morning and haven't left for hours, becomingconvinced that the story ideas we are generating are inspired and willchange our and all of your lives, so it is worth postponing all themeetings and calls Lori is wisely reminding me are meant to behappening.

Also: we are continuing this insanity in our weekly staff meetingtoday at 2 pm ET (with Lesley too!). Do you want to join? If you do,tell me a really bad joke here or tell me why you could use somelaughing-on-the-floor time. Then Lori will give you the call-in numberand we will tell you why we are laughing so hard here plus anythingyou actually want to know about.

PS That's our new nights and weekends editor, Laura, sitting next toCorynne. She gamely participated in the prank Emily is referring tohere and will be getting her xo tattoo shortly and all that othercrazy cult-like stuff. Welcome and warn her, please!