But I Dumped YOU!

Publish date:
May 23, 2013

I'm having a random (and lovely -- you?) day, so am showing yourandomness from within this phone -- kind of the way I used toconstantly do in the old days.

While it may seem that this post should somehow be tied to theLululemon post that went up today, I can't even create a fake tie-in.This email I just got bugged me, because aren't good return policiesso important? And because I BROKE UP WITH YOU FIRST! Jeez! Brought meright back to that night outside Mudd library when I, sobbing, gaveBruce Cooley a note with a breakup poem on it that I had written(quoting a Bruce Springsteen song about Janey saying it was time to go-- god knows) because I wanted it to seem like I was breaking up withhim, even though he was already clearly in love with Alessandra andrejecting me.

Xo and more randomness to come, my folks!