Breathe? Plus: When is Mercury Out of Retrograde?

Publish date:
November 29, 2011

I am running from dropping off my daughter at school (having blow-dried my hair! -- okay, I just did the front -- because I have a photo shoot today). It is raining. I was in such a hurry to grab a cab so that I won't be late to the office (while looking for said cab, hair got drenched anyway -- ah, who cares?). Then I just tumbled down two steps onto the pavement running to the cab a block away and skinned my knee and both hands.

What's really going on: technologically, things have been very screwy these last days, which has been hindering my work. I know, again, who really cares? HOWEVER, I really want my writers and editors to get their bonuses that are based on how well the site is doing, so when tech stuff hinders it at all, I am not in control and that makes me feel crazy and then I do things like fall down steps in the rain onto an NYC street. Fun! It seriously could/can be fun if I look at it that way. Anyway, when is mercury back to wherever it doesn't do this stuff and has it been affecting you too? Ow.