Better Coconut Water

Publish date:
July 7, 2010

Switch to this from that newly plasticized yucky-tasting Zico brand. All coconut water is amazingly hydrating and therefore skin-plumping. Also, of course you know that coconut water has lots more potassium than gatorade and helps your muscles recover more quickly after exercise, the benefit of which is that You Can Beat Your Body Up With Exercise Again Sooner!

(By the way, the skin benefits -- looking younger, essentially -- from coconut water aren't quite as noticeable as from cashew water, which I haven't been able to find in stores lately but is made by O.N.E. It evens out your skin-tone to a nice kind-of-cashewy color. Beware though--it attracts Mosquitos to you).

Only don't do what I did and drink a few liters of coconut water a day, especially if you're a lady, as it can contribute to lady problems. Nobody says this yet but it is true. Xx

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