What's The Best No-Occasion Present You've Ever Received?

Tell me, tell me, because your answers make my days almost as much as this gift did!
Publish date:
June 9, 2014
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Look at what greeted me when I walked toward my little glass-walled office just now? OMFG, my dream bike of all time, one of the best gifts I've ever ever been gifted in my whole editing career. I'm even going back through entitled memories of my days as an Editor-In-Chief at Conde Nast when I had to (have my assistant) order three separate town-cars home just to carry all of the high-end-designer holiday gifts that had flooded my -- then bigger -- office.

When I was starting up xoJane (in that little bright yellow room with Emily, no windows and lots of tears and fetal positions on the floor), I thought it was important, along with Clothes and Beauty and Issues and Sex and IHTM and the other verticals on the homepage, that we have one for Bicycles. Because bikes are pretty and bikes are the future. I thought it was forward-thinking, like when I started a Cars column in Jane magazine because, why did only men's magazines regularly cover those things?

As I was searching and searching for the right Bicycles editor, Emily would give me a look that I took to mean, "Sure, Jane, that's nice, but we're launching in a few weeks, so priorities!" She was right, of course.

So I put that idea on the way-back-burner. And now this today just became one of the happiest days ever as I'm seeing part of the vision I'd had in my head back then realized in An Electra Amsterdam Forget-Me-Not 3i bike in my favorite shade of sun-filled yellow (also the yellow I wanted as the background for this site until I got wisely overruled on that too).

Now I feel like I need a new wardrobe to wear with my bike! Like I should look like this girl while I ride it.

And because this beautiful bike calls attention to itself, I might even need to debut a new haircut with it. I have been craving a messy curly bob lately, but have had my hair long for so so many years. What do you think? I'm just tacking that on to give you something else to comment on, because I am a comment whore and get upset when I put a post up that gets no comments. So.

I wasn't here when the bike was delivered, but I imagine that some hot greasy sweaty skinny guy in scuffy work boots delivered it here from Ride Brooklyn, the sweet geniuses who assembled and brought this beauty to us.

If you want to be like us (and who wouldn't? oh, my daughter who has not let me enter the school with her TWICE this week due to clothing infractions -- one my favorite new psychedelic sneakers and another a button-down shirt with bright butterflies on it), you can get one just like it from Ride Brooklyn. You can also get any of Electra's other gorgeous models there if you are, let's say, an INDIVIDUAL like my daughter.

And before you even bug me about plugging the hell out of this bike, just know that it is going to appear in pretty much every photo of us xoJaners you see over the next year or two, so get used to it! Because it is just that photogenic, I can already tell. And because I love Electra and Ride Brooklyn for gifting it to us.

I have, by the way, only ever given one surprise present that I thought was this sunnily successful: a pink guitar that I gave a celebrity after her house burned down. I'm not going to open myself up to more bashing by doing the evil name-dropping so I am even more obnoxiously putting it to you that way. If you want to guess, I will tell you if you are right. (Thereby making a grand total of THREE things you can comment on in the comments section below. To recap: My hair -- bob or not? To which celebrity did I give a pink guitar? AND...

What's the happiest surprise gift you've ever been given?)

PS That weed I found is still sitting in a drawer, me having been too busy with goings-on here at the site (i.e. work) to take action on your wonderful and varied advice about what to do with it. I was approached this weekend by at least 7 friends, neighbors, shop-owners and acquaintances who I didn't even know read the site saying, "I know what you can do with that weed you found...."

PPS I also apparently don't have lyme disease, so another reason to celebrate.