Be-Nice-To-Yourself Saturday!

Publish date:
December 3, 2011

Thanks to my therapist, Laurence Frauman, this note is now lying atop my work folder. I know it sounds basic, and it is. And important. Whenever I look back on past phases of my life (since age 15), my biggest regret is how hard I was on myself. (Sassy's launch party = ow, my stomach hurts and I see so many flaws here and still need to work much harder on this magazine to make it better. For example.) Lesley Kinzel regularly inspires me toward this goal of being nice to myself. It isn't easy. Do you get what I mean or is this nonsensical rambling as I type it on my touchscreen? Can you relate?

Either way, be so nice to yourself today, as kind as you would ever be to anything else. Let's try.