Be My Google/IMDB Again, Please!

Publish date:
June 3, 2012

Remember when I was with the lovely and awesome Edie Falco at the tea place and couldn't remember her name so y'all helped me out? Yes, so do I every morning when we say hi and she subtly makes it clear that she read that too. (As I've said, I never think anyone remembers myface from one meeting to the next and never think anyone is reading this other than you, singular. And my mom.)

Anyway, same quandary now at the playground where I'm talking to this actress I've known for many years as our kids play on the swings. Can't remember her name to save my life. Help! And the details I remember about her aren't necessarily google-able. Here goes:

She is with her three kids, the two youngest by the British blonde actor dad who is now pushing the baby girl. Her name I think starts with a J. I've never met him before. I think she modeled before acting. I can picture her on a Seventeen magazine cover way back. I think she won an Oscar. She and I dated (well, I fooled around with and went bowling and to bars a few times with -- I don't really do the dating thing) a nice and cool actor in about 1999 whose name I think is Josh and who was featured in Sassy years before I made out with him, when he played on our Sassy softball team.

She has long brown hair and an angular face.

I know that's not a ton to go on, but help if you can and then I can say good-bye by name and pretend I knew it all along. Thanks always.

Love you.