Help! Got Any Juicy Questions for Tori and Dean?

Publish date:
April 2, 2012
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[I am actually seeing Tori tomorrow morning. She had to cancel last time because of a migraine. Weigh in/ help me out below if you like. xo --Jane]Tori and Dean are stopping by the Jane Radio studios (doesn't that sound BIG? it's really just one studio that I share with Cousin Brucie -- love him -- and others) in a few short days. While I'm looking forward to our reunion (does anyone remember that Sassy cover with Tori on it way back when?), I know next to nothing about them. Not out of any disrespect -- I have a ton of respect for how much work they do and I have really enjoyed Tori's site. I just don't keep up with stuff, as you know (see "Who are those Kardashian people again?").

So here's where you come in: HELP ME! QUESTIONS PLEASE! WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST I ASK TORI AND DEAN?? WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW FROM THEM? They want to answer any and all of your questions, and they know you ask some good ones (ahem, MK Stallsmith). So please put yours in the comments here.

Oh: This picture is actually still in my phone from the last time we saw each other. You picked my outfit, remember? Tori doesn't look very happy to see me, I know. She was pregnant with Hattie at the time (the only reason I know the child's name is because Madeline told me). She had terrible morning sickness while carrying her (again, Madeline told me -- thanks, Mad!). I was hosting a panel they were on. Remember how stressed I was (if you've been around here that long)? Do you want me getting hives again? Guilt-tripping you now. Whatever works.

Anyway, on the panel is when I understood how truly forthcoming they are -- they will not even raise an eyebrow no matter what you ask them. They just try to answer as honestly as possible, from what I experienced. They are both super-charming too and she smelled better than I did, even while very pregnant. So there's that.


PS I know this post is a real "game-changer." You're welcome.