Ask Me Anything

Publish date:
June 18, 2012

And I will answer it. I will be as open as this hole I tore in my favorite old Marni shirt at my daughter's class celebration just now. That was a lame comparison, but I would love to talk to you and I'm on my way to the place (Sirius XM studios) where we get to talk every week for free at 1-888-4-102-102 for two luxurious hours from 11 am - 1 pm ET. I feel like this week a lot of questions have come up from you that I'd love to answer. I will also help you out with whatever you want my advice on. And you will help me out by calling (the number again is 1-888-410-2102 -- don't I sound like a real radio host?) because I have nothing planned to talk about (what else is new?).

Xxo and talk to you soon.

PS That's not a sweat stain. It just looks like it in the picture. Though I would like to make sweat stains fashionable.