Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Publish date:
March 26, 2012

No more than 2 minutes after I tweeted you guys on the way to Sirius XM asking what you'd like me to talk about on the radio (see how much I script and prepare in advance? do you find it odd that I have no problem talking for two hours straight with nothing prepared? would you like that job? I love it and actually leave every Jane Radio session with a brain-full of items I didn't get to talk about), I received this gift. You do get what you ask for.

PS I didn't get to this topic, but thanks, universe, for it anyway. I thought it was a little obvious that women have exercise-induced orgasms, but now Bryan is here in the xoJane office turning red and muttering about how he hopes none of that is going on on the treadmill next to him at the gym. Ok, he's not really muttering. But I would think it would NOT be a treadmill situation in which this phenomenon would be most likely to occur. Am I wrong? On what piece of equipment do you have your EIOs or where would you like to?

I'm just rambling until my thumbs cramp up here. I'm now in a meeting with Cat and Eric looking at something exciting we are going to show you coming up and still obnoxiously typing. Say anything you want to about any of this below. "Shut up" is okay, too. Xo