Anyone else banged up like me?

Publish date:
December 19, 2011

I am not actually banged up from sex or drinking, though I'd love to hear if you are (heehee, but for real) and plenty of delicious beverages and food were consumed last night (thank you for your delicious food and presence Mario Batali! and earlier Jesse Peretz and Sarah Flicker at your glitteringly gorgeous home!). It was a night that if I talk about it any more will just be so name-drop central (almost like it was thrown in my face to see how I could tell you about it without names). Happy Birthday, Mike Mills! I loved celebrating with you. And without going crazy and naming everyone I so happily was so lucky to get out and see last night, I will say one last thank you: Chloe Sevigny, your smile and hug would have been enough.

Now to being banged up: If I get bruises like this from yoga, am I doing it wrong??

And to Michael, who when I said I was planning to go to yoga at 8 this morning, said, "Jane, it's almost 4": Guess what? I did and it was great. Now off to pick up my daughter (woo-hoo!!) and do my very best not to work for the rest of this weekend. You too? Xoxxx