Annie Being Disrespectful

Annie's cute dress and my healthy hair!
Publish date:
July 15, 2013

Here I am with xoVain/xoJane's Annie, who told me just now that the mesh on my dress (yes, that same Philip Lim dress that Courteney Cox and I traded back and forth and I'm still wearing all these years later) makes me look like a skanky flag football player, which made my day as I don't even know what flag football is but that sounds like my ONLY kind of football player.This was after she was out all last week doing god knows what. No, I do know what. And I love that she and all these guys feel free to say to me whatever you shouldn't say to your boss. The only other thing to note in this picture, besides Annie's cute dress, is my hair after using this Wen cleansing conditioner for the first time: Look at how effortlessly ringlety it came out. And my hair feels a lot softer and healthier too.Also: It's fun in the office today!

Also: My mom stopped by!

Also: Olivia is wearing COLOR! Want to see a picture? She looks amazing!

Also: I went to visit my grandma yesterday and someone commented to her that we look like we could be sisters. She's 106!

Oh, I love life. How's your Monday going?