You guessed wrong, and you WON! Photos of Celebs and Secrets From London

Publish date:
November 9, 2011

Congrats to commenter Elizoo who guessed I was in Wellington, NZ. You were (according to Madeline and Bryan and people who looked deeply into this) the first person to guess the most distant location from London. As promised, I will email you a bunch of super personal/celebrity-soaked photos from our London trip (including ones the paparazzi would definitely want... because I TRUST YOU!). I'll also tell you some super-private secrets from the trip. Thanks so much to everyone for your thoughtful guesses! Half the time I didn't know where I was, so your guesses were brilliant reminders. Xo.

PS I will also send them to you AniaGosia, for being such a researcher. Xxo.