And Now For Some Levity

How Is Your Day Going So Far?
Publish date:
August 8, 2013

I have read every one of your thoughtful and intelligent comments in this thread and all the ones that weren't intended to be thoughtful or intelligent and keep checking it for more. They were the last thing I read before falling asleep last night and I just read more now and will keep checking in today. I love them. It makes my world that you are as invested as you are in each other and the community you've built. I still have to answer some of your questions, such as an interesting one about exposing Weiner's private tweets without his permission and one about our link partnerships with the Frisky, LearnVest, etc (I am meeting with Madeline and Corynne about that one to understand it better before I respond -- just so you know that there is some method behind that procrastination).At the same time, we have a day planned here. We're having an XO Summit! Corynne has an agenda for it and everything! With slides! And lunch! And so I thought that maybe Madeline and Olivia were taking a little walk to get some air before we go into it, but no, they had another EXCELLENT reason for going for a walk and here it is. Good day, everyone!