And I love/live this guy

Publish date:
January 5, 2012

I mean, really, who doesn't love Bryan Stendahl, seriously? I want to write something here about how my management style (this email, for example, meant as a motivational compliment -- ?!?) is a product of becoming a manager of lots of people at age 24. Then calling my MBA brother when I had to fire or give raises and would be in such a tizzy (sexist word? do gentlemen ever get in tizzies?). I do love/live managing though. I will come back here and write about it when not so tired. Now I'm thinking about negative and positive managers I've had over the years. You? My best ones (hey Judy from McCall's magazine!!) wanted their employees to supersede them in their accomplishments. Ah for that. I don't know if they sent weird late-night emails, as I do, calling the employees "possessed" and "sick" (that would be Cat) and "gross" (Cat too). Love you!