Analyze My Dream/Nightmare, Part 3

Publish date:
October 7, 2011
hair, make-up, puppies, jane's stuff, aberrant sex

Okay, so as you will see in the picture here, I fell asleep in TV HAIR AND MAKE-UP, which is so much more disgusting than regular hair and make-up, as it is an orange shade that comes off on your pillow and all kinds of toxic hair products that make it so that you can build a foot-high intricate sculpture on top of your head and it will stay that way (I tried this last night before passing out). You will also see that I let my puppy sleep in the bed with me. Bad all around!

Anyway, the dream: (for this, I am going to get off this iPhone and go type on my laptop--back in a second). Xo

Ok, so I had a lengthy nightmare last night (after falling asleep on the couch in front of my non-functioning TV with my head on my Hello Kitty backpack, in case you want to picture that ridiculousness, and then moving into my own bed in the middle of the night): I was without my daughter Charlotte but on vacation in Germany with Courteney Cox (yes, even my dreams have name-drops) in this big kind of rickety house with multiple floors. It was distressing to me that Charlotte wasn't there, but Coco wasn't there either and Courteney and I were determined to be okay with that and have a good time. I kept breaking things, including part of the fence that went around the property, which was troubling because we were just renting the place and wanted to keep it in good shape for the owners (even though it was pretty rickety, as I said, and there was old food in the fridge and stuff). Also, it was troubling to break the fence because of potential paparazzi action for Courteney; there was little chance of that, as we had picked the place because it was very remote.

Then on day two of this vacation, a bunch of Courteney's cousins were coming to join us. I continued breaking things, falling asleep when I should have been at the dinner where I was meeting some of these cousins for the first time, eating this salt that was actually special Celtic Sea Salt for putting into this water mixture for a detox some of the other people in the house were doing -- just messing up, in general. Also, in the room I was staying in, my clothes were strewn all over the floor and began being strewn all over the house. That night, after sleeping through dinner, I woke up and Courteney was asleep in her room and I went downstairs and there in the living room was this scene: the front door was open and three guys were lying tied up in their underwear on the fold-out couch. Another guy was torturing them in all kinds of ways. A couple of girls were watching. The torturer then took me by the throat and outside and threatened me, at which point I broke away from him and ran around to the back entrance to get back upstairs.

I waited until Courteney woke up to tell her what had happened, but before I could get dressed (as my stuff was strewn all over and I ended up grabbing someone else's pants and shirt to wear and they didn't fit), people were all playing music on the front lawn. They were playing the Beatles' "All You Need Is Love," so I was super excited and grabbed my violin to go and play with them. When I did, I dropped my iPhone and it broke completely. I kept trying to hold it together, knowing it was, on this trip, my only method of communication with you (that means you, whoever has made it this far in this rambling story). It was really upsetting to me that my iPhone was broken, but I knew that no one else would understand how upsetting that was. I felt very alone.

Okay, I know that there is pretty much nothing more boring than hearing someone else's dream. Even with a significant other, you are usually thinking, "Yeah, well, this is interesting to YOU, because YOU just experienced it, but to me, it is a bunch of rambling crap that I don't have time to re-live with you." Or maybe that's just mean me.

In any case, I have loved your dream analyses in the past, if you'd care to weigh in. I'd love it. (I wonder if the iPhone thing had anything to do with Steve Jobs passing. Or a combo of that and my workaholic tendencies.) Also, if you want to put your recent dreams in the comments, I will be happy to tell you what I think they might mean too. In any case, thanks for listening.

xo and feeling like a mess,