Can You Analyze This Dream For Me, Please?

You too, Corynne, as I know you will manage to make yourself and all of the xoJaners characters in it somehow. As you do!
Publish date:
July 11, 2013

So I had this dream last night (and I WISH I woke up looking like this, but you already know the truth of that so I won't even try to pretend that I am smiling this much when I get up, no matter what my dream). I got back in bed with my alarm clock (also known as our new puppy, Lemon, who barks at 5:30 every morning until I let him up on the bed and then licks my face until I get the hell up) to take the pic to accompany this burning question.

I just had a terrible dream. It did not star Courteney (as they often do -- usually casting her as the wonderful friend and all-around solid person and me as the scattered fuck-up) or Gwyneth, who as you know appears in my dreams a disproportionate amount for how much time we spend together in my waking life.

In this dream, I was running around my (dream) apartment with Charlotte and Balloon and Lemon (my real-life responsibilities) AND also two adopted toddlers, both boys. AND a large dark-grey swan-like bird -- kind of a cross between a swan on top and a flamingo on the bottom, but all in a very dark grey color. One of the boys in particular was very rambunctious. The dad of the boisterous boy was hanging around in the background and that was part of the deal with this adoption, that his dad would be around to help out some. It was a madhouse -- no walls, just big open space with all of the kids and swan kind of staying in their separate areas.

I felt reeeeeeeally overwhelmed and guilty that I had wantonly (what's a better word for that here, wordsmiths??) taken responsibility for all of these creatures that I couldn't actually possibly take care of. I thought it would be so terrible to give any of them back but didn't know what else to do. (It kind of reminded me of when an old friend of mine -- this is in real life -- had post-partum depression and was thinking in the days after her son was born, "How much would people hate me if I gave him away?") The swan-like creature was strong and loud and beautiful and wanted to run around but had to be restrained. The boisterous boy was very cute and impeccably and preppily dressed with straight blonde bowl-cut hair.

So what the what? I'd love to hear your analyses. I woke up feeling overwhelmed and desperate. I feel like something could stand to change in my waking life based on this dream and love to hear your (and Corynne's, of course) theories here. And say which dream character correlates to which xoJane character (commenter, staffer, whatever you think), if you want to play along with that fun game!

Big XO, you gorgeous strong dark loud swan-like creatures.