Does 138 Unread Text Messages Indicate That I'm Bad at Adulting?

Publish date:
September 15, 2016
Jane, jane's phone, marci, adulting

First of all, I would like to note that Marci's response here to me is pretty much the best answer you can ever give your boss about anything (unless they are asking you to cover up a crime or have sex with them).

Second, the cryptic scene with Marci below it, which I walked in from lunch today to find, is part of a top-secret mission she's on, but all will be revealed in time. (And this time, it really will. I'm not setting your expectations and then NOT going to tell you, like last time — argh.)

Third, I'm writing something about "adulting" for you for tomorrow's Open Thread, sparked by comments from y'all about how bad I am at it. So now that I am paranoid, I'm wondering if this 138 on my phone is going to set me up for more bashing. Could we talk about your adulting skills? How you acquired them or your lack of them and anything else you want to say about that term? In my mind, it's right up there with "parenting" as one of those words that never deserved to be used as a verb.