What Is Your Nails On A Chalkboard?

Weirdest one gets a prize!
Publish date:
April 30, 2014

I'm grabbing tea with my friend Hugh Jackman on my way into the office. (Well, I have met the dude exactly twice -- who haven't I met at my old age -- but this photograph in the little coffee shop he owns is as close to him as I'm getting this morning.)

I'm not going to be stirring in my sugar, however, because I cannot stand the idea of reaching into this container of Wooden Stirrers. The feeling of those little sticks of wood rubbing against each other, against my fingers, my fingerNAILS, and even worse, scraping against my teeth when I go to lick off the stirrer (which, of course, I would have to do to get the last bit of flavor off of it) is my worst goosebump-heebie-jeebie-teeth-on-edge inducer of all time.

Whoever made popsicle sticks out of wood, to be scraped against so many tortured children's teeth, clearly did not share this aversion or was into torturing little children.

My friend can't stand the sound of squeaking styrofoam. My other friend gets the shivers over even the idea of fingernails on a wet newspaper (that one I can understand too, being somewhat related materials-wise to my wet wood-popsicle stick-teeth-scraping issue).

So I thought I would bring this question to your attention this morning and ask you what, if anything, gives you that nails on a chalkboard feeling. Is it nails on a chalkboard? One of the others I mentioned already? Nothing at all?

The weirdest answer will win a lot of attention from all of us reading your comment AND will get an invitation to join our staff meeting today, where I will be spilling all sorts of state secrets.

So tell me what gets to you in this way (I don't think our language has a specific word to describe that feeling I'm talking about, does it?). Let's see who relates. And see who knows you're just weird.