It Happened On xoJane: IHTMs of 2012 About Crime

Some of our most memorable “It Happened To Me” pieces focus on crime -- here's a few of our best.
Publish date:
December 25, 2012

You know why you love Law & Order so much? Because it’s based on things that actually Happened To Someone. Think of this as a really good Law & Order marathon, except these stories are deeply confessional and in the first-person. And Olivia Benson isn’t here .

I Was a Dear Friend of the Woman "Sons of Anarchy" Star is Suspected of Murdering

If you look at initial reports of the death of Johnny Lewis -- the "Sons of Anarchy" actor and, as all the media outlets have made sure to note, the ex of Katy Perry -- the name of the woman he is accused of brutally and horrifically murdering is not even mentioned at all.

Her name is Catherine Davis. And she is a Hollywood legend. A near saint.

And a kind and loving mother to so many, including me.


It Happened To Me: I Have Been in Prison For 6 Years

After I was convicted of 14 crimes -- all white-collar-type financial offenses -- at trial in October that year, the judge originally scheduled my sentencing for December 7, 2007. Before that day, my new attorney, the one with the ripped “sun tan” pantyhose and the counterfeit Cs, had assured me that sentencing would not happen that day; it would be a hearing on securing me a new trial.


This is the First Time I’ve Written About My Rape, and I’m Doing it For You, Todd Akin

Yes. I want you to know that I do realize this is a very complicated, very messy story. It is very gray and does not fit in a tweet. I didn’t even expect to write this when I sat down. I’m actually sitting here in San Diego at 1 in the morning, surrounded by boxes and dirty clothes and photo albums, living with my parents, with my blind father’s guide dog snoring peacefully on the couch next to me. I’m crying as I write that last part.