It happened to me: me and the husband are a real life Monica and Chandler.

This IHTM comes with a warning: it’s so sweet and romantic, it might make you want to vom
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August 1, 2012
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My brother has been friends with Nik since I was 14 years old.

Every time he’d come to our house, my mum would always tease me – ‘You fancy that Nik don’t you? Don’t you?’ to which I would always blush and shake my head vigorously.

She also started asking my brother’s friends when one of them was going to take me out. You’re cringing for me right? I still die inside replaying that memory in my head.

And then, when I turned 15, my parents bought me a two in one TV and video player and I called Nik into my room to show him. He was in my bedroom – SCREAM! He nodded his approval and left.

He was no longer in my bedroom, but little did I know about 12 years later, I’d have him in there again and he’d never leave.

My crush on Nik was always just that, a crush. I never imagined we’d date. Besides, he had a five year relationship followed by another five year relationship, so he was never available. But then all of a sudden, he was.

It was at this point I was now 26, living in East London with my brother and our friend Lol. We had a bit of a party house, so Nik was there all the time.

I remember sitting on the sofa looking at him and thinking to myself ‘Would you?’ and then he started having a coughing fit and I just shook my head, shaking the idea loose at the same time

Then ten of us (including my bro and Nik and my girlfriends) went on a group holiday together to Thailand.

The moment the lightning bolt of lurve struck Nik! Me singing a really bad rendition of the classic track Copacabana

When I now ask Nik if there was a moment he realised he had feelings for me, he said it was in Thailand when a) he saw me in a bikini (whoop!) and b) when I requested the song Copacabana to be sung by the local Thai band who were entertaining us that evening.

Instead of them singing it though, somehow I ended up on stage belting it out. Dear god, I am no singer.

We came home from Thailand and four months later I was home alone. My brother and Lol had gone to a festival for the weekend so I sent Nik a text asking if he fancied coming to a bar with me where a mate was djing. He said yes.

My brain clicked into gear and I put on my best underwear for the occasion. As I applied my make-up, I remember looking in the mirror and thinking to myself, ‘Dan, what the hell are you doing? This is your brother’s best mate.’

A shot one of our friends took – this is before we were together while in Thailand...

He came over and we went to a bar for some pre-party drinks. A fight broke out in the bar and Nik grabbed hold of me and pulled me out of there. It was all very chivalrous and I think I even swooned.

We then went to the gig, chatted all night until we ended up back at my place.

It was 4am and he was sat in my living room, not having laid a finger on me. I was in the toilet on a two-way call with two friends asking them if I should make a move or not – one said yes the other said no.

There was big-time crackling chemistry going on but when I returned from the loo, he said he’d better go, called a cab and disappeared into the night… I was totally confused. Why didn’t he make a move?

Something had undeniably happened between us that night. It may have been unspoken, but it was there.

I talked to my mum about it and she told me to call him on it, before smugly adding ‘I knew you fancied that Nik. You always bloody have.’ Yes mother, you’re right again.

Three days later and I was sat at my desk at work, still befuddled. Egged on by my girlfriends in the office, I sent him this text: ‘I don’t know about you but since this weekend I’ve been thinking about you in a different light.’

My phone buzzed seconds later: ‘Me too. We need to meet.’ I knew it! I was right! There was no going back now, this can of worms had well and truly been opened.

‘Tonight? Outside HMV?’ And so we met. [I love this detail – I’ve met many a paramour outside the Virgin Megastore over the years… --Rebecca]

We went to the pub, where he told me ‘I can't stop thinking about you. Let's date, see how it goes. I don't want to go telling your brother anything until we know where this is going.’

And then we had our first kiss. Our teeth banged together and he was all tongue, but I knew I could fix that.

We kept meeting up over the next two weeks and I’m sorry to say we were those gross people sucking each other’s faces off in pubs and grinding on sofas in full view of anyone who cared to watch. Then Nik decided enough was enough, he was coming back to my place that night to tell my brother.

Back at the house, Nik asked to speak to Mike alone. After Nik had filled him in, my brother spoke to me and gave the relationship his seal of approval (sort of): ‘You happy? Rather him than some other prick, good luck.’

And we’ve never looked back.

Nik more or less moved in after a month, and we went on holiday after two months to Egypt where one night he took me down to the pergola on the beach and declared ‘I’m so in love with you Elkeslassy’ (that’s my maiden name).

A few months into our relationship, I realised I wanted to have his babies, and I hated kids, so this was a bit of a revelation. That’s when I knew he was the one, my lobster.

Just after we were wed in Vegas

Five years later, we got married in Vegas and a year after that, we had our baby girl Georgie who’s now three. I guess we work well together partly cause our relationship was based on friendship. He’s awfully good in bed too.

But, don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our ups and downs. I suffered from severe depression and a proper mental breakdown, which he stuck by me throughout.

I also discovered he was massively in debt and had to declare himself bankrupt a few years ago. He’s been seriously ill too, just six months after our girl was born. And more recently, I miscarried a baby.

But I knew, even when I was literally cleaning up his liquid poo off our bathroom floor (he’d just come out of hospital after emergency surgery, he was still terribly sick) that we’re good together.

He lets me lead when I want to and is strong when I’m weak. We just work.

And then there were three.