IHTM: I Had Really Good Pizza Last Night

OK, so my pizza isn't an interesting IHTM, but I bet YOU have one to share with us!
Publish date:
September 27, 2011
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Here at xoJane, we love NOTHING more than knowing about YOU! We love reading your sad stories to your empowering stories and your just plain fun stories. We get a lot of sad IHTM stories and we love them, we admire your strength and honesty and after reading them we usually spend the rest of the day crying and tweeting about it. But what you may NOT know is that an IHTM can be almost about ANYTHING! Even if it isn't sad or upsetting. If you find it interesting, we will probably find it interesting!

So here is what ya do if you wanna share with the class!

Email Emily@xojane.com. (Yep, all our addresses are FINALLY changing to @xojane). Include a few paragraphs of something that happened to you that you want to write about! Miss "Fake Booty" Emily will dig herself out from her piles of email and get back to you if it is something we wish to publish. When you write your IHTM, please include pictures relevant to the story, we are all nosy and we love seeing your life! Emily is always on my ass about not taking enough pictures, but I am NOT the prettiest girl in the world and I'm usually covered in flour from my other job. Don't be like me!

So write us! Write for us! Seen an amazing concert lately? Have an interesting job? Did an XOJane writer inspire you to do something fun? We wanna know!

OH, and about the pizza. Garage Bar is a really cool place housed in an old auto repair shop. I should have taken more photos but I may or may not have been tipsy. Our pizzas were very late but to make up for it they took 'em off the bill and gave us a cute T-shirt in a can that says BEST HAM IN TOWN. OK, so this is not a good IHTM but they did have EXCELLENT ham.

So tell us about your life! Email Emily@xojane.com! We wanna know!