IT HAPPENED TO ME: I’m Losing My Hair Because Mites Are Eating My Hair Follicles ARGHHHH!!!

Turns out that many people have them and they remain asymptomatic their whole lives, but when your immune system becomes unhealthy, this mite gets to fornicating on your scalp at night!
Publish date:
August 5, 2015
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I feel silly, but I’m completely freaking out over my hair loss. For me, my hair has always been the one part of my body I haven’t been in a battle with. Unfortunately, for the past couple of years though, I’ve been noticing my hair is thinning.

At first, it was really subtle, but this year I actually found an area of my scalp that is a borderline bald spot. I thought perhaps maybe quitting my birth control would make a difference. I mean, I’ve taken it since I was 17 -- that’s pretty long time to be messing with your hormones. Right?

So almost a year ago, I went off the pill. Which turned out to be a disastrous decision, but that’s a tale for another day.

The BC boycott had zero effect. My hair didn’t get better. It didn’t get worse. It just stayed pretty much the same, which was awful. Fine, dry, brittle, and thinning. So I started doing a lot of research.

I’ve always had a troublesome scalp, so I started looking into some natural alternatives to shampoo and treat it with, since T-Gel, Selsun Blue, and a plethora of other “doctor recommended” over the counter shampoos weren’t doing the job.

How does that Head and Shoulders commercial go? "Healthy scalp equals healthy hair” or something like that. So I loaded up on peppermint and tea tree shampoos. Then I turned to what seemed to be the most natural solutions for beautifying my locks -- oil masks.

This seemed fun and easy and relaxing. Slather a bunch of oils in my hair, sleep with a stocking around my head, wake up, rinse, and bask in the glory. Easy peasy.

I tried several masks over several months several times and can I just say that I can NEVER get them out of my hair? By the time I was done shampooing the oils out, I felt like I had pretty much defeated the purpose of the hair masks in the first place. I even tried a raw egg wash.

Yes, I poured raw eggs in my hair to try to wash out coconut oil. The result was not a positive one.

I finally got desperate enough and checked in with a scalp specialist a week ago. They did a comprehensive exam, took a few cuts of hair, took super magnified photos of my scalp, and then they did a check for -- and this is where this really gets fun -- the Demodex mite.

Ha! Mites. You’re funny doc, I don’t have mites! This will be a negative. Fo- sho.

I immediately found myself feeling sorry for being so cocky, because I ONE HUNDRED PERCENT HAVE THE MITES.

This particular mite is a parasite found in the sebaceous area of the scalp. Turns out that many people probably have them and they remain asymptomatic our whole lives, but when our immune systems drop out, or become unhealthy, this mite gets to fornicating on your scalp at night and eats your hair follicles!


These guys are basically what cause mange in dogs, and they’re currently residing in my scalp. F.U.N.

So that’s one reason my hair is a total mess, because of these nasty little bastard mites. BUT my scalp still needs work, because these bad boys wouldn’t even want to be doing the dirty on my head if my scalp was a less “hospitable” environment for them.

I have to flush the buggers out and doing so means that I have to shampoo my hair everyday and dry my scalp with cold air.

I have to de-stress in order to reduce the inflammation on my scalp to get it healthy again.

Ha! TOTALLY NOT STRESSED THAT I HAVE A PARASITE. It’s cool, man I’m totes zen.I have to have a scalp detox /anti-inflammatory treatment once a week. ALSO REALLY NOT STRESSED BY WHAT’S THIS GONNA COST.

OOOOOHHHMMMMM < That’s me de-stressing.

So, yeah. If you’re struggling with hair loss or any weird shit going on with your scalp I suggest seeing a scalp specialist ASAP. You never know what they might find.