IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Got Trolled For Participating In the #FeministsAreUgly Hashtag

It doesn't hurt me to be called "ugly" by some jerk on Twitter.
Publish date:
August 7, 2014
twitter, feminism

You almost have to laugh at how ignorant some people are.

When I first saw the hashtag #feministsareugly suddenly making its way into my timeline I initially thought, "Oh God." How desperate to try to threaten and insult feminists can people really get? My second thought was, "OK, I'm going to participate in this." Because I saw all these gorgeous as hell women posting their pictures -- not because they support some objectification of women -- but to expose just how ridiculous the label "ugly" being thrust upon them by trolls really is.

My third thought was: "Man, this is a great way to meet some awesome new feminists on Twitter."

Seeing what some women wrote back to me made me realize just how strong and confident all the different feminists across the country and across the world really are. They joined right in with me when I made fun of the guys who tried to insult me by telling me that I looked scary. What? That sounds like a compliment to me. (I'll refrain from even commenting on the looks of all these men tweeting this hashtag, but...)

Probably my favorite insult was "go listen to Marilyn Manson." I guess this is because I am pretty obviously a goth. I mean, my Twitter handle is @gothfeminist so.

I look at how I express myself in my clothes and in my life and even on my Twitter as being all about my choices and my decisions. It's fun to go to a concert and be all decked out. I decide that I am beautiful. Not some pathetic men's rights activist who is essentially proving the point for the need for feminism by starting this hashtag in the first place. These guys only tweet these nasty things because they are threatened by our confidence. I like it that the way that I look sets me apart. If you don't like it? Suck my butt, dude.

In the end, what I think I love the most about a misguided hashtag like this is how in the end all it ever serves to do is to bring us together and lead to empowerment (which these losers hate!).

We can look however we want. We can dress however we want. And we will never be looking for approval from obnoxious entitled boring trolls online.

I don't see this as us saying "Oh look at me I'm so pretty..." it's more about reclaiming from men the ability to ever even think that they have the right to tell us about our looks in the first place!

That's why I put myself out there. And that's why I got trolled. But in the end, that's also why I'm getting more empowered.