AT LONG LAST The #1 Official Winner Of The Epic It Happened To Me Contest

256 amazing stories later, we've come to a decision (with your help).
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March 25, 2013
ihtm contest

We received 256 entries for the infamous It Happened To Me contest that's been going on for the past couple months here on xoJane, and we truly, truly appreciate each story. It takes a lot of energy and bravery to put your most private, traumatizing, defining life events into the written word, and we are so grateful for each It Happened To Me we received. Your stories were and are incredible. The impetus for these amazing IHTMs was, besides catharsis and the opportunity to hear from our awesome commenters, the $1,000 reward. So let's get to it.

Last week, Jane announced the seven finalists and then we opened it up to "voting" in the comments (upvoting, plus clearly stating who you think should win).

It was a terribly difficult decision, but after poring over the comments, upvotes, and debating amongst ourselves, we decided on It Happened to Me: My Baby Daughter Died At Two Weeks Old.

We are deeply grateful to the anonymous entrant for gathering up the courage to share with us such a moving, painful story. It was a great honor to share this heartbreaking account with our community, and we won't ever be able to adequately express our gratitude. So, thank you thank you thank you. We love you.

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