You feel responsible for the kid you see in front of you, the kid clearly suffering from a lifetime of abuse and neglect, this kid whose life might have maybe been different, if only. You play “if only” a lot.
unplanned pregnancy
I wasn’t married, didn’t have money saved and I wasn’t even sure I had maternity coverage on my insurance policy.
Everyone seemed friendly enough and I eased into the work without a hitch. But then, it happened.
He held my face to his and told me: "I have a history of heroin use, but I’m clean, and I’ve been tested. Are you sure you want to do this?"
I am regularly referred to as "lean" and "thin." And yet.
People see me smiling all the time and ask, "Why are you so happy?" My smile comes from being able to be me.
hobby lobby
first love
I don’t think anyone believes that her first love will end in a courtroom before a judge.
car accident
safe sex
In some ways it feels like I’m still living with my parents, still having my lifestyle affected by other’s religious beliefs. But this time the effect is on an employed, educated adult and the beliefs come from my father’s employer.
high school
When I emailed him asking if he would mind being interviewed for a newspaper article he responded with, “It’s a date.”
This was the transitional period between the “popular girls have hideous Coach purses” phase and “popular girls have hideous Dooney and Burke purses” phase.
This was, as of yet, the biggest day of my life, and Brown’s administration made me feel small. It made my family feel small.
I met him while I was at work. He was forward and just charming enough for his approach not to register as negative on my radar.

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Weddings aren't always about delicious cake and releasing white doves to the tune of "You Look Wonderful Tonight," especially when your job requires you to think about your failed marriage on a regular basis.
My dabbling with Heaven's Gate wasn’t exactly a close call, but the experience taught me that sometimes it’s okay to walk out when a situation turns weird.
adam richman
He told a friend of mine to kill herself, told another to eat a bag of sh-t, and completely went on the attack, lacking any modicum of class or decorum.
sex sex sex and love
He pushed inside me and faster than I could register, he leapt off of me and was screaming horrible piglet-y bleats.
jane magazine
I was so proud to get my first nationally published piece in my favorite magazine, but so bummed that it wouldn't have my byline.
Another au pair told me that her kid had to switch schools because mine had bullied hers so badly. Then I met a neighbor who confided that her family had found the last au pair kicked out of the house crying.

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Well, I didn’t technically live in a funeral home. It wasn’t my official mailing address. But I did spend most of my nights there. I did it for love. Trigger warning: centipedes (shudder).

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