You Are The Advice Columnist: Unwilling Musical Muse

Should I go to the performance?
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July 1, 2013

I dated a composer last year, and we had a bit of a rocky relationship. We only dated for a few months, but it was very intense and a lot of feelings arose from it. Right after we ended things, he moved across the country. A few months after that, he came back and told me he was finally ready to commit to me. I was dating someone else at the time and knew us being together was a bad idea, so I said no. We've been in touch off-and-on since that conversation. During one of the times we've seen each other since then, he played me a song from a new musical he was writing. It was verbatim the "come back to me" conversation we'd had; it was brimming with personal references to that fight and our relationship as a whole, including the pet name he used to call me. He confessed that he had been musically inspired by our relationship/break-up and a lot of new work had come of it- much of it for this show. For musical theatre people, from my understanding, the show isn't like "The Last Five Years" level inspired, but let's just say if 'Shiksa Goddess' wasn't already a song, my ex probably would have written something similar for this show.

This brings me to the question at hand: the show he wrote is premiering in the city where I live next season. Do I go? He told me I was absolutely invited and wanted, and he would get me a ticket anytime I could see it. Half of my friends say I should, half say I shouldn't. The ones who say no think that it would be detrimental to my mental health and would just be giving him an 'embarrass my ex' boner by watching me watch his view of our relationship. They also really can't stand this guy, because they think he was terrible to me. The ones who say yes think it will be awesome and fun to watch, and I should definitely go see what I helped inspire.

That relationship still cuts me pretty deep, so I'm not sure what the best choice is. I'd love to hear some thoughts about this.

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